Carner acted as exclusive financial advisor to Nordic Bioproducts Group in 30 M€ financing

In Short

Nordic Bioproducts Group, an Aalto University spin-off, has successfully concluded a 30-million-euro financing round targeted for the development and commercialization of bioproducts, biosystems and circular innovations for the international markets. The company utilizes the side streams of pulp and paper industry in the development of high value-added products.

The financing round attracted notable investors, including Chilean CMPC, one of the world's largest pulp producers, Finnish Taaleri Bioindustry Fund, and various other investors and financiers.

The Whole Story

Since its establishment in 2019, Nordic Bioproducts Group has remained committed to developing and producing alternative, sustainable, and high-value-added applications that replace fossil-based raw materials and harmful chemicals. The company’s intelligent bioproducts are used among other things in textiles, food, medicines and cosmetics.

Nordic Bioproducts Group’s pioneering AaltocellTM technology, protected by patents, enables the production of microcrystalline cellulose and biocomponents with exceptional added value for numerous applications. By implementing their bioproducts, bioprocesses, and innovations, the company actively reduces the environmental and social costs associated with industrial production.

For instance, in the textile industry, pulp-based fibers can replace cotton and artificial fibers, while in the packaging sector, they can be used as an alternative to plastic. Similarly, in the construction industry, bio-based pulp can be used in insulation and paints.

Nordic Bioproducts Group develops and manufactures cellulose hybrids using Finnish forest fibers, as well as cellulose-containing side and waste streams from industrial and agricultural sources. The company strives to introduce environmentally sustainable and low-emission alternatives to fossil-based materials and harmful chemicals to the market.

The successful completion of the financing round enables the timely completion of the Lappeenranta factory investment by the end of 2023.

The founder and CEO of Nordic Bioproducts Group, Olli Kähkönen, expressed their appreciation for Carner’s input, stating, “We highly value the cooperative approach, swiftness in execution, and professionalism demonstrated by the Carner team. The trust and positive atmosphere fostered among all parties during the process were crucial in attracting new anchor investors, as well as securing both junior and senior financing for Nordic Bioproducts Group.”

Throughout the financing round, Carner Corporate Finance served as the exclusive financial advisor to Nordic Bioproducts Group.