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Acquisition of Blanco Pharma GmbH by Vitabalans Oy

Vitabalans Oy has acquired Blanco Pharma GmbH, a health food and pharmaceuticals wholesaler, which offers warehousing services to other health food companies. Blanco Pharma’s own products consist of i.a. painkillers, the manufacturing of which is outsourced.

Vitabalans Oy is a Finnish, privately owned pharmaceutical company founded in 1980. Vitabalans Oy’s product lines cover prescription and OTC medicines and food supplements. The Company’s facilities and production, research and product development, registration and marketing are located in Hämeenlinna, about 100 km north from Helsinki. The Company’s separate production plants allow the manufacturing of medicines, food supplements and probiotic products.

In 2011, Vitabalans Oy’s turnover was ca. 20 million euros and the company employed some 160 persons in 12 European countries.

Carner, along with IMAP Germany, advised Vitabalans Oy in the acquisition process.