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Forsberg & Tibell Kyl AB acquired by Chiller Oy

The Finnish Company Chiller Oy has acquired, together with the management, 100 % of the shares of Forsberg & Tibell Kyl AB. Based in Jönköping, Sweden, and founded in the 1930’s, the company is considered to be a market leader in the region. Forsberg & Tibell is a service company active in the functional cooling business with installation and service of cooling equipment, air conditioners and heat pumps. After the transaction, Forsberg & Tibell has continued to operate under its own brand.

Carner advised the buyer along with IMAP Sweden.


Chiller Oy

Founded in 1990, Chiller Oy is a manufacturer of air-conditioning equipment and big heat pump manufacturer. It is today one of the most significant players in the industry. At the time of the transaction, Chiller’s annual turnover was approximately 20 MEUR with high profitability. The company has since been acquired by Koja Group.